Good Shepherd Region

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Good Shepherd Region is a dependant Region under the Marymatha Province of Vincentian Congregation. The mission works of Vincentian Congregation in Andhra Pradesh begun on 16 June 1978 at Bhimadole in the diocese of Eluru, with the arrival of two young zealous missionaries Rev. Fr. Mathew Kunnel and Rev. Fr. John Karukapilly at the invitation of His Excellency Most Rev. John Mulagada, Bishop of Eluru Diocese. In spite of the difficulties they faced from a different climate, culture and language, they worked hard and planted the seed of Vincentian missionary activities. The success of these missionaries and possibilities ahead inspired the Superiors of Vincentian Congregation to send many more young priests to this Vineyard for good harvest. The mission works in Andhra Pradesh were organized under a mission superior from 1998. Fr. Paul Puthuva was appointed as the first Mission Superior. In the following years Fr. John Kallattil, Fr. John Puthussery and Fr. Francis Naduviledath served as Mission Superiors.

This mission was declared a dependent region under Marymatha Province called Good Shepherd Region on 6 January 2006, and was officially inaugurated on 24th of the same month. Fr. John Kallattil was appointed as the first Regional Superior. At the beginning, Vincentian House Edara was used as Regional house and later Regional house was shifted to a rented house at Gannavaram, nearby the present Regional house, Chinnavuttapally. In 2009 February the newly built Regional House was blessed by His Excellency Rev. Dr. Mallavarappu Prakash and opened by Very Rev. Fr. Varghese Puthussery, the then Superior General in the presence of Very Rev. Fr. James Kallumkal the then Provincial Superior and many Vincentians and well wishers of our Region. In 2009 Rev. Fr. Francis Naduviledath was appointed Regional Superior and was again appointed for another term. In 2013, when Rev. Fr. Fancis Naduviledath was elected to the Provincial Council of Marymatha Province, Rev. Fr. Antony Chakkungal became the Regional Superior. In 2017, Rev. Fr. John Puthussery was appointed Regional Superior.

At present there are 13 centers of 6 dioceses in Andhra and Telughana state. With united effort as a Vincentian family, we spread the love of God and faith in Jesus witnessing the Christian values and Gospel through Popular Missions, preaching the word of God in our Retreat centers, educational institutions for the poor in villages and less fortunate, village development programs etc. The following are the houses and centers under this Region:

01. Bhimadole - Vincentian House, 534425, West Godavari Dt., Andhra Pradesh.

02. Chinna Avutapalli - Vincentian Ashram, Good Shepherd Regional House, 521286, Krishna Dt., Andhra Pradesh.

03. Edara - Vincentian Mission, R.C.M. Church, Agirippalli Mandal, 521211, Krishna Dt., Andhra Pradesh.

04. Janampet - St. Vincent’s College, 534 475, Vijayarai, W.G. Dt., Andhra Pradesh.

05. Karivena - Vincentian House, Atmakur, 518422, Kurnool Dt., Andhra Pradesh.

06. Mangalagiri - Vincentian House, Divine (Babuji) Nagar, Nidamarru P.O., 522503, Mangalagiri (Mandal), Guntur Dt., Andhra Pradesh.

07. Onipenta - Vincentian House, 516173, Cudappah Dt., Andhra Pradesh.

08. Penubally - Vincentian Mission, Japamalamatha Nagar, 507302, Khammam Dt., Telangana.

09. Pinakadimi - Vincentian House, Duggirala, S.V. Peta P.O., 534 003, W.G. Dt., Andhra Pradesh.

10. Premagiri - Sinai Divine Dhyanashram, Nandanapall P.O., 518452, Kurnool Dt., Andhra Pradesh

11. Thummalappally - Vincentian Ashram, Penubally P.O., 507302, Khammam Dt., Telangana.

12. Velugode - Vincentian House, 518533, Kurnool Dt., Andhra Pradesh.

13. Visakhapatnam - Christu Nivas, MIG II A, B 299, Sujatha Nagar, 530051, Andhra Pradesh.