Vincentian Ashram Veerpur

Established Year1990
PatronSt. Vincent De Paul
Diocese Meerut
AddressVincentian Ashram, De Paul Nagar, Veerpur, Dhan, 244001, Munda Pande, Moradabad Dt., Uttar Pradesh, India.
Phone0591 2256010


01. Fr. Pallippadan Rocky - Member

02. Fr. Veluthedathukattil Sebastian - Mission Superior & Superior V.H.



Rt. Rev. Patric Nair, Bishop of Meerut diocese welcomed the Vincentian presence in his diocese in 1989. Consequent to the correspondence between the Superior General and the Bishop, the Regional Superior of the St. Thomas Region, Rev. Fr. Joseph Edattu, sent Rev. Frs. Varghese Naickomparambil and Joseph Keezhedam as the pioneers to Veerpur (De Paul Nagar). As a token of encouragement the diocese of Meerut donated one acre of land and generous support to the new missionaries.

In the beginning Frs. Varghese and Joseph were staying in the Capuchin Ashram at Rampur. Eventually they started their regular visits to the poor flocks of De Paul Nagar with the help of the MC Sisters of Majola, Moradabad, U.P. Previously Rev. Fr. Joseph Palathinkal of Meerut used to visit this area in co-operation with the sisters of the Missionaries of Charity. There existed a Christian community of some 20 families belonging to the Salvation Army in Veerpur. When our priests reached the Army they actively co-operated and learned the Catholic faith and practices.

Within a short period of stay in Rampur our fathers purchased one acre of land near the road at Veerpur Than and started the construction of the Vincentian Ashram and Chapel.  Meantime the residence was shifted to Dapathur block office quarters.  Within a short span of time the simple constructions were completed and got blessed by the Bishop Rt. Rev. Patric Nair on 8th November 1990. It was in 1993, when Fr. Sebastian Moolechalil was the Superior, the S.H. Sisters of the Jeevan Jyoti Province, New Delhi were invited to help in the pastoral, social and educational fields of the mission. They graciously accepted it and opened a school to improve the literacy of the backward area. As the number of the faithful increased, Fr. Sebastian constructed the present Church in 1993 for the Sunday Liturgy. Another golden year of the De Paul Mission was 1994, when the villages of Udampura and Barbala became sub-stations of the St. Vincent De Paul Church, Veerpur. Previously the Rev. Capuchin Fathers were selflessly rendering their pastoral services to these places. In course of time Fr. Baiju Kidangen constructed a Chapel in the village of Barbala. It was due to the hard work and care of Fr. Roy Pulakudichirakandathil that the people of Deolari became the members of our Parish. He used to visit the village regularly and catechize the people.

Social welfare also is a part of our mission. The beneficiaries are selected without any discrimination of caste and creed. The uplift of the weaker sections of the society and women and child welfare get special attention. The Rev. sisters take special care of the latter. Eradication of dowry system, formation of self-help groups and programs for income generation get special attraction. As the land is very fertile, the fathers also take care of producing wheat, rice and vegetables. The sisters of the Missionaries of charity distribute free medicines in the villages of Veerpur and Udampura.

Rt. Rev. Francis Kallist, bishop of Meerut makes it a point to visit, motivate and to encourage us in all our activities. The role of the Catechists also is very praise worthy. The impact is great in the Christian formation.