Vincentian Ashram Budaun

Established Year1992
PatronSt. Vincent De Paul
Diocese Agra
AddressVincentian Ashram, Catholic Church, Police Lines Chowraha, Budaun, 243601, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Phone0091 9759214888


01. Fr. Elemplakattu Mathew - Superior & Manager, De Paul Schools

02. Fr. Thekkanath Paul - Member

03. Fr. Vempilly George Jose - Principal & Parish Priest



01. Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church (2001)

02. De Paul School, Budaun - English Medium (1997) - Tel: 05832 224472

03. De Paul School, Bilsi (1994)

04. De Paul School, Ghadiya (1993)

05. De Paul School, Kukhri (1994)

06. De Paul School, Kundhanpur (1995)



The history of Vincentian House, Budaun is very much linked to the Vincentians who were engaged in Veerpur Mission. When we had initiated our mission at Veerpur in 1990 and later in Chandausi in Meerut Diocese with the consent and blessings of the then Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Patric Nair, having heard of our activities there the then Arch Bishop of Agra had invited us in 1991to look after the spiritual and social needs of the people lying scattered in Budaun District, the farthest and most undeveloped area of the Diocese. The invitation was accepted and after negotiation regarding liturgy and area of work on 2nd February 1992, the Vincentian Mission in Budaun district of Agra Arch Diocese was officially inaugurated. Then a building was taken on rent and Fr. Varghese Naikomparampil who was in charge of Veerpur mission had kept on visiting Budaun for Sunday Mass and looked for  further scope of the  mission work.

In 1993 Fr. Thomas Embrayil had taken up the charge of the Budaun mission from Fr. Varghese Naikomparambil and continued the work for 3 more years paving way to think of opening a landmark Vincentian presence at Budaun. Residing in a rented building Fr. Thomas contacted people of all walks of life and established a good relationship with them. As he found that, good education was the need of the time with the consent of the concerned authorities and support of the members he opened a Hindi Medium school for imparting education with a special emphasis for English in the syllabus. As we had no own building to run the school, an area was taken on rent and a temporary building was put up and school was inaugurated on 2nd April 1997. Though the people over here do not know much about our religious life they are very much impressed about the catholic educational and medical services seen in other places. So after necessary dialogue and deliberations Rev. Sisters from Noida Province of Franciscan Clarist Congregation joined with us as a core team to support us in our pastoral and educational activities. Though the facilities provided at the school were limited, seeing the quality of education people put trust on the school management and children were rushed up for admission.

Though the school had a simple beginning, being a social institution we could not limit it’s scope to our limitation. So to put up sufficient infrastructure a suitable land was sought after in different locations and finally a plot of 2-3 acres of land bit away from the rush of the city was purchased and registered on 6th May 1997 in the name of De Paul trust. The foundation stone of the new school building was laid by Fr. Thomas Embrayil on 25th May 1998. On 10th June 1999 the adjacent plot of land also was purchased to meet our requirement for a full-fledged school in future. The school building was gradually getting it’s shape and on 2nd July 1999 the new school was inaugurated and blessed  by the then Arch Bishop of Agra Diocese Cecil D’Sa. In 2002 the school got the English medium status and in 2006 the school was affiliated with ICSE Board, New Delhi. In 2008 the school was upgraded to Intermediate status (ISC) and in 2009 the school got permanent affiliation from the ICSE Board.

There are four Hindi medium junior high schools being run in remote villages to uplift the youngsters of the marginalized for a decent social and civic life. These schools are monitored and supported under the aegis of the Vincentian House, Budaun.

The history of Budaun will be incomplete if we overlook the real story of the present parish church. The so called English Church (the present Christ the Redeemer Parish Church) which was being used for prayer and worship by the faithful during the English Regime was found lying dilapidated, abandoned and being engaged as a go-down for keeping the materials of the Water Works department. Being engulfed by the zeal for the House of the Lord Fr. Thomas had taken a legal approach and with God’s Grace the court finalized the case issuing order to hand over the church to Fr. Thomas as legal holder of the church and the property. In the one acre church compound a house was built and inaugurated as Vincentian House on 25th July 2000 leaving behind all the memoirs of the rented house experiences. The church was renovated within no time and blessed by the then Arch Bishop Oswald Gracious together with Bareilly Bishop Antony Fernandez and the retired arch bishop of Agra Cecil D’Sa  in 2001. The parish community is on its progress by adding a few more new members to the strength through the baptism. As the Lord continues to work with our efforts the Church is growing in strength. The number of Christu-Bhaktas are more than the baptized members. So we hope that in future the strength of the parish will be considerably increased to give a strong witness to the Lord’s presence.

The evangelization of the poor through education is literally going on in villages through the Hindi Medium schools where we are in touch with two thousand poor students. It is common to look for the cheap and the best but we are making available of the best by way of providing free quality education to the marginalized in the remote areas. The public is happy with the service we render and as on date we are not in a position to accommodate all the admissions that turn in for different classes.