Vincentian Ashram Durg

Established Year1968
PatronSt. Vincent De Paul
Diocese Raipur
AddressVincentian Ashram, P.B. No. 15, Gaurav Path, Padmanabhapur, Durg, 491001, Chattisgarh, India.
Phone0788 2322294


01. Fr. Kallungal Joseph - Superior & Parish Priest

02. Fr. Vettickal Abraham - Director, Training Centre & Finance Officer



01. St. Vincent De Paul Parish

02. Prabhat Training Centre



In 1965, Vincentian Congregation got an opportunity to get acquainted with Msgr. John Weidner, the Administrator of the Apostolic Prefecture of Raipur. This Mission was entrusted to the German Pallotine Fathers in 1964. They were working there from 1951 when it was part of Nagpur Diocese. Msgr. John Weidner was the Superior of the first batch of missionaries from Germany. He was one filled with mission zeal and was farsighted and very open in outlook. He had no prejudice about rites and he desired Christ be proclaimed may it be through any one. When he came to know that we were interested in mission work in North India he put forward some practical suggestions. He had recommended to the Inter-Nuncio and to the authorities in Rome to entrust Bastar Mission to us. But this proved unsuccessful. So he paved the way for starting our mission work in North India with Durg, the district head quarters as the centre. The area suggested was very close to Bhilai Steel Plant where a lot of people from Kerala were working.

The Superior General in his circular asked for volunteers from among the members of the Congregation to work in the new Mission. The response from the members was very encouraging. It was evident that there were many including senior members and seminarians filled the zeal to be missionaries. All the preparations were completed for the travel of the missionaries to Durg Mission by October 1965. Rev. Frs. Joseph Peechanatt and George Vempilly were the first missionaries reached Raipur. Both of them stayed for some days at the Bishop’s House to learn Hindi as well as driving two wheelers that was inevitable for a missionary at that time. They could also get acquainted with the local culture during this period. Without much delay Fr. Peechanatt was appointed as assistant parish priest at Durg and Bhilai and Fr. Vempilly at Charoda parish as assistant.

The zeal and hardworking nature of these missionaries was highly appreciated by Msgr. John Weidner. By 1967 efforts were intensified to buy land and build a Church and a House at Durg. In January 1968 Fr. Joseph Peechanatt was appointed the parish priest of the new parish Durg, formerly a part of Bhilai parish. The blessing of the foundation stone of the Church and the House was done by Msgr. John Weidner on May 5, 1968 in the presence of the Superior General. Msgr. Weidner blessed the Church and Ashram on July 19, 1969 in the presence of Msgr. Mattam, the Apostolic Exarch of Satna and the Superior General. Fr. Peechantt took charge as the first Superior of Durg Ashram and the parish priest. There were around 100 families in the parish at that time comprising of people from Kerala, Goa, Mangalore and North India. The Eastern border of the parish was shared by Bhilai Nagar parish and the other borders were very much open with plenty of scope for mission work. The House at Durg remains as a memorial of the very strong bond between Raipur Diocese and the Vincentian Congregation.