Vincentian House Vienna

Established Year2013
PatronSt. Vincent De Paul
Diocese Vienna
AddressVinzentiner Haus, Zanaschkagasse 12/30/15-16, 1120, Wien, Austria.
Phone0043 12319809
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01. Fr. Pongampara Xavier - Finance Officer & Asst. Director

02. Fr. Vadakkekara George - Superior & Director



When Archbishop Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna visited the Divine Mercy Retreat Centre St. Clemens in Berlin in September 2012, he was very impressed by the spirituality and spiritual programme offered by the Vincentian Congregation. Short time after his visit to Berlin he made the proposal to entrust the Church ‘Maria vom Siege’ in Vienna to the Vincentian Congregation as of September 2013 -  to create a place of new evangelization in Vienna for the many wounded souls who could find a new spiritual home in the mercy of Jesus and under the protection of Mother Mary.

The Vincentian Congregation started the ministry upon the wish of Cardinal Schönborn. In June 2013, Fr. George Vadakkekakara was appointed as Director of the new retreat centre in Vienna and as parish priest of Maria vom Siege. In April 2014, Fr. Xavier Pongampara came to Vienna and was appointed as Finance Officer and Assistant director of the retreat centre and assistant parish priest of Maria vom Siege.

The Vincentian Congregation introduced perpetual adoration in Maria vom Siege, offered a very broad ranging retreat programme throughout the year. The spiritual offer consisted of at least 2 daily masses (3 on Sunday), daily prayer for the conversion of Vienna, Europe and the world in front of the Blessed Sacrament, hourly prayer of the divine mercy chaplet, prayer of all Marian rosaries  throughout the day, weekly healing service and possibility of confession and counselling around the clock. The first Bible Convention was held in May 2015 by Fr. Varghese Parackal VC and Fr. Joseph Edattu VC.

After two and a half years – as a sign and step towards unity - the Church ‘Maria vom Siege’ was offered to the Coptic Church as being a persecuted  church and being in urgent need of a big building. The Vincentian Congregation was offered a new place by Cardinal Schönborn to continue their mission at Pfarrei Am Schöpfwerk in Vienna as of April 2016. The parish Am Schöpfwerk is situated on the outskirts of Vienna in the midst of a large residential area. Here, the ministry is continued as started in Maria vom Siege. The Vincentians are in charge of the retreat centre only. The number of retreats is increasing. The second Bible Convention was held in May 2016 by Fr. JoshyKochukudiyattil VC and Fr. Antony Parankimalil VC. Meanwhile Archbishop Cardinal Schönborn has given officially the canonical status to the Vincentian Community in Vienna in the month of August, 2016.