De Paul Centre Shrirampur

Established Year1994
PatronSt. Vincent De Paul
Diocese Kalyan
AddressDe Paul Centre, P.O. Box 10, Shrirampur, 413 709, Maharashtra, India.
Phone02422 210408


01. Fr. Edappilly John - Superior & Principal

02. Fr. Kattakayam Philip - Finance Officer, V.H. & School



01. De Paul English Medium School (1996) - Tel: 02422 210956

02. De Paul Public School - CBSE (2013)

03. St. Vincent’s Church



We started our service in this mission centre in 1991. From 1992 July 3 onwards, Fr. Thomas Mullenmadackal started to reside here. The ministry that we identified for this centre was a school. With the help of well wishers, in 1994, De Paul English Medium School was started here. In 1995, St. Vincent’s Church, attached to the Vincentian house was consecrated. Only eight Catholic families were around that come this church. Sisters from the Congregation of Mother Carmel (CMC, Vimala Province, Ernakulam) assist us in the parish and the school since 1995. The school has been steadily progressing and accordingly new buildings had to be built. At the same time, it lacked a good ground and courts for play. As a solution another plot of seven acres of land, lying about 200 meters from the school, was purchased. The plan to keep the different sections of the school separately by constructing new structures in the new property was not somehow realized. Now all the sections of the school are functioning in different floors of the same building. The CMC sisters run a playschool in their convent premises.

The increasing applications for admissions in the school and the availability of our land, which is situated 200 meters away, led to the consideration of starting another school there.  Having built the ground floor of the school building we started De Paul Public School (CBSE) in 2013. The Franciscan Sisters of Sacred Heart (FSSH) assist in the De Paul Public School since 2014.  There are almost 1000 students studying in our schools.