Vincentian Fathers Vikindu

Established Year1998
PatronJesus the Savior
Diocese Dar es Salaam
AddressVincentian Fathers, Jesus Town, Vikindu, P.O. Box 14918, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa.
Phone00255 784940232


01. Fr. Kurinjikanathil Antony - Finance Officer; Asst. Parish Priest & Asst. Vocation Promoter

02. Fr. Mulayinkal Stephen - Parish Priest & Director, Popular Mission

03. Fr. Puthiyaparambil Joseph - Superior & Novice Master



01. St. Vincent De Paul Parish Church

02. Vincentian Novitiate (2015)



Vincentian House Vikindu is the first ‘Vincentian House’ owned and established by the Congregation in Africa. Thus, it is the ‘Mother House’ of the African Mission. It is situated around 30 km away from the town, Dar-Es-Salaam, meaning ‘Haven of Peace’. Even though Vincentians came to Tanzania in the year 1975, we didn’t have a house to call ‘our own’. But our pioneers continued their active pastoral ministry. Seeing the spiritual nourishment, people received through the Vincentian ministries, the Archbishop of Dar-es-Salaam invited us to start a renewal centre somewhere in Dar-es-Salaam. Mr. Joseph Mtahangarwa, a retired captain donated 8 acres of land for this purpose in Vikindu. Fr. Joseph Kuruppumparambil and Fr. Paul Pamprayil reached at Vikindu in 1996. They were accommodated in the very house of the donor after making necessary renovations. Vikindu house was formally inaugurated on 1st January 1997 by Fr. Joseph Kuruppumparambil and Fr. Paul Pamprayil during the Eucharistic Celebration attended by many local people. Fr. Kuruppumparambil named the site of our house and surrounding area as ‘Jesus Town’. The Vincentian house was canonically erected in May 1998 with Jesus the Redeemer as its patron. The construction works of the house at Vikindu began in June 1998 under the guidance of Fr. Joseph Elanjickal and was formally blessed on March 18, 1999 by His Eminence, Polycarp Cardinal Pengo, the Archbishop of Dar es Salaam. Rev. Fr. Antony Plackal inaugurated the house and Rev. Fr. Joseph Mangalathukary was appointed the first Superior of the House at Vikindu in August 1999.

Vincentians were taking care of the spiritual needs of the Catholic faithful in and around Vikindu since our arrival. Vikindu was declared a parish in January 2001 and entrusted to the Vincentians and Rev. Fr. Joseph Mangalathukary was appointed the first parish priest. At that time the church was made of mud and sticks. Later a new church was constructed under the guidance of Rev. Fr. James Edavazhithara and was consecrated by His Eminence Polycarp Cardinal Pengo, the Archbishop of Dar es Salaam on September 26, 2006. Now the parish has around 500 families enrolled and 9 substations. Vincentians take active care of the spiritual needs of the faithful.

Another development in Vikindu is the establishment of our first minor seminary in Africa. The decision to promote local vocations from East Africa was a historical one. Vincentian House, Vikindu was selected to accommodate the first seminarians from Africa for the time being. On 8th June 2013, His Eminence, Polycarp Cardinal Pengo blessed the first batch of seminarians who were seven in number. From the academic year 2015 this is converted to our Novitiate house of S.H. Region since the new seminary building is being completed in Mitamula, Uganda.

The plan of starting a Renewal Centre at Vikindu for the spiritual nourishment of the people of Dar-es-Salaam had been in the mind of the Vincentians for a long time. In March 2008 foundation stone was blessed for a Renewal Centre at Vikindu. But with the death of Rev. Fr. Joseph Kuruppamparambil in the same year this project didn’t gain sufficient momentum. To fulfill the intention of the donor of the land and the dream of Fr. Joseph Kuruppamparambil for the spiritual development of the people of Tanzania, in 2014 this project was again taken for consideration. As an initial step in this ministry Saturday services were started in the month of October, 2014 under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Shaiju Mulayinkal. There is good response from the people for this program.