Vincentian Mother House Thottakom

Established Year1904
PatronSt. Gregory
Diocese Ernakulam-Angamaly
AddressVincentian House, Thottakom, 686607, Vaikom, Kottayam Dt., Kerala, India.
Phone04829 225448


01. Fr. Choondal John Paul - Parish Priest

02. Fr. Manthuruthil Mathew - Director, Balabhavan & In Charge of Prayer Service

03. Fr. Nediyani Sebastian - Superior & Finance Officer, V.H.

04. Fr. Njarackel Thomas - Director, Social Work



01. St. Gregory’s Parish Church (1927) - Tel: 04829 226913

02. St. Vincent’s Balabhavan (1964) - Tel: 04829 222263

03. De Paul Divine Retreat Centre (2010)



Mar Louis Pazheparambil, Vicar Apostolic of Ernakulum, during his visit to Europe in 1895, happened to stay at the Mother House of the Congregation of the Mission in Paris. He was deeply moved and impressed by the life and activities of this Religious community founded by St. Vincent De Paul, so much so that he desired to start a similar Congregation in his own diocese. With this in mind, he took along with him the Rules of the Congregation of the Mission. Being aware of the desire of the Vicar Apostolic, Rev. Fr. Varkey Kattarath, the then Parish Priest of Vaikom, burning with the Zeal to serve the Lord more intimately, approached the Bishop who was more than happy and offered him his whole-hearted support. Along with his paternal blessings the bishop gave him the copy of the Common Rules drafted by St. Vincent De Paul for the Congregation of the Mission. Fr. Varkey Kattarath, who was so much loved and venerated by the people of Vaikom Parish, had no difficulty in finding a place for this purpose at Thottakom within the parish boundary of Vaikom and a new chapel along a small residence for priests was constructed here. Bishop Mar Louis blessed the same on the 20th November 1904. This event marks the foundation of the Vincentian Congregation. By 1915 he and all other priests who lived at Thottakom left that place with the permission of the Bishop. On 19th July 1927 Mar Augustine Kandathil the then Archbishop of Ernakulum allowed three priests of his diocese, Rev. Fr. George Mannara, Rev. Fr. Antony Pauvathil and Rev. Fr. George Vattamkandathil, who wished to lead a religious life, to revive the Congregation at Thottakam founded by Fr. Varkey Kattarath. In October 1927 Fr. Varkey Kattarath came to live with the 3 revivers. On 19th July 1931 he took the perpetual vows in the Congregation and died on 24th October 1931. He was buried in the Thottakom Church. Every year his death Anniversary is celebrated in Thottokam. We had started a parallel college which was stopped in the course of time.

The boys’ home at Thottakom was established in the year 1964 with the intention to provide better education facilities to the children from the poor and broken families. Free education, food, accommodation and medical assistance were provided to all inmates. Till now more than 650 children were given educational assistance through the boys’ home and they have reached various fields of life. Some are professionally qualified people like doctors, engineers and many are working abroad. Skill development training was given to the boys.

In 2010, Rev. Fr. John Cheriavely started a prayer center here with the name De Paul Divine Retreat Center. The De Paul College building was modified and is being used as the retreat centre now. Every Friday we have one day Bible Convention.