Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor

Established Year1991
PatronSt. Vincent De Paul
Diocese Ernakulam-Angamaly
AddressDivine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, 680309, Chalakkudy, Thrissur Dt., Kerala, India.
Phone0480 2708413, 2708098
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01. Fr. Arimpur Jacob - Asst. Director, English Section

02. Fr. Chackanikunnel Joseph - Finance Officer

03. Fr. Eattikattil Joseph - Asst. Director, Malayalam Section

04. Fr. Elavumkal Mathew - Director, Malayalam Section

05. Fr. Kallumkal James - Superior & Director, Divine Institute of Bible and Spirituality

06. Fr. Kammattil George - Principal, Divine Bible College

07. Fr. Koottumkal Joseph - In Charge of Divine Care Centre and De Addiction Centre & Director, De Paul Clinic

08. Fr. M. Louise Joseph - Asst. Finance Officer & In Charge of Tamil Section

09. Fr. Melukkunnel George - In Charge of Outreach Programs, Divine-Goodness Media & Member, Popular Mission Team

10. Fr. Pazheveettil Jose - Asst. Finance Officer DRC & Finance Officer, Divine Vision and DiMS

11. Fr. Punnassery Joseph - Principal, DiMS; Director, De Paul School & In Charge of Thirukudumbam

12. Fr. Thadathil Mathew - Director of Programs, Divine - Goodness Media

13. Fr. Thayyanattuveli George - Manager, Divine Printers

14. Fr. Vallooran Augustine Jr. - Director, English Section & Executive Chairman, Divine - Goodness Media



01. De Paul Clinic Santhipuram

02. De Paul English Medium School, Muringoor

03. De Paul Home - Orphanage for Junior Boys, Muringoor

04. De Paul Tailoring School, Muringoor

05. Divine Bible College, Muringoor

06. Divine Bible Nursery, Muringoor

07. Divine Care Centre for Mental Health, Santhipuram

08. Divine Care Home - Orphanage for Senior Boys, Muringoor

09. Divine Dairy Farm, Muringoor

10. Divine De-addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation, Santhipuram

11. Divine Institute of Bible and Spirituality, Muringoor

12. Divine Institute of Media Science – DiMS

13. Divine Hut for Foundlings, Muringoor

14. Divine Mercy Home for Aged Men, Muringoor

15. Divine Mercy Home for Aged Women, Muringoor

16. Divine Palliative Care Centre, Muringoor

17. Divine Printers & Publishers, Muringoor

18. Divine Television Foundation, Angamaly

19. Divine Villa - Orphanage for Senior Girls, Muringoor

20. Divine Voice Magazine, Muringoor

21. Maria Santhibhavan for Aged Women, Meloor

22. Samaritan Home - Orphanage for Junior Girls, Muringoor

23. St. Mary’s Home for Neglected Women and Children, Muringoor

24. St. Vincent’s Home for Aids Patients, Muringoor



Divine Retreat Centre is part of the renewal movement of the Vincentian Congregation, based on the spiritual traditions bequeathed by St. Vincent de Paul. Vincentian spirituality is bifocal. While concentrating on the personal spiritual renewal of the individuals by a deep realization of the saving love of God, it leads everyone to accept the challenge of caring for the poor and the marginalized in society. The overwhelming experience of God’s love takes flesh in the self-sacrificing love for “the least of the brethren” of Jesus (Mt.25:45). Divine Retreat Centre has been fulfilling this mission down the years, through the Preaching of the Word and the various charitable programs for the sick, the abandoned children, the down trodden and the marginalized.

In 1977, Potta Ashram was established as the centre to direct and to co-ordinate Popular Mission Retreats. The full-time preachers came to stay over there to pray and prepare together. Soon people began to crowd to the Ashram seeking spiritual solace and liberation from the evils of alcohol and drug addiction. The sick and the broken-hearted came in large numbers. God’s compassionate love poured in. The loving presence of Jesus was powerfully felt by everyone. The sick were healed, the sinners were forgiven, the fetters of vices were broken, the Good News of salvation was preached to all.

The facilities at Potta Ashram became inadequate for the growing numbers of people converging for the week-long residential retreats held in Malayalam. A sprawling locale was acquired at Muringoor, on the banks of Chalakudy river, six kilometers away from Potta, and was named Divine Retreat Centre. Rev. Frs. Mathew Naickomparambil, George Panackal, Augustine Vallooran and Mathew Thadathil came to stay and co-ordinate the retreat activities. Vibes of the mighty work of God spread far and wide, around the globe. As pilgrims began to pour in, new vistas opened up. Retreats were started in six other languages - English , Konkani, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. In 1995 a scenic plot of land was acquired on the banks of the Chalakudy river. Halls and residences were put up and retreats in English, Konkani, Kannada and Hindi were shifted to the new campus. The youth retreats in this English campus began to attract thousands every year. In fact it is the youth who brought the elders for weekly retreats. Since 1990, over 10 million pilgrims from all over the world have attended retreats here. Weekly retreats in 7 languages are held back-to back nonstop every week of the year.

The Divine Retreat Centre, which was started as a preaching centre, soon began to evolve as a Home of Love in the providence of God. At the moment there are about 2500 people staying permanently with us, because they are brought to us by Jesus himself. Our commitment is to serve them as we would have served Jesus. His words are a command to us, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethrens, you did it to me.”(Mt.25:40). We are well aware that our preaching ministry becomes complete and authentic in our radical option for the poor. The early Church began as a preaching fellowship, but developed as a community of love, where everyone shared everything with each other and there was no one in need. “With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and much grace was upon them all. There were no needy persons, among them. For from time to time those who owned lands or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the “apostles feet, and it was distributed to anyone as he had need”(Acts.4:33-35)

Divine Care Centre located in Shantipuram is the haven of Peace for the 500 mentally challenged persons who are cared for here. Medical personnel and experts in psychiatric treatment are at their service. Divine De-addiction Centre is a government approved Home for the rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcoholics. The centre welcomes nearly 150 persons weekly. A 100 bed aftercare centre - the St. Vincent’s Home for AIDS sufferers was opened in 1997. Currently both adults and children live in the home. Fifty terminally ill cancer patients are taken care of at the Divine Palliative Care Centre. Medical care and counselling is provided for them and their family members. The Divine Charitable Trust takes care of 200 elderly women abandoned by their families . The centre is called Maria Santhi Bhavan.

In De Paul Home for Girls, Sixty girls coming from families that are not able to provide or protect them are taken care of here and provided a safe and secure environment and training and education to ensure they have the confidence of a good future. In De Paul Home for Boys, Sixty five boys whose parents are not able to support their basic needs are provided here a healthy environment and education. St. Mary’s Project for Women’s Empowerment, was established in 1990 as a refuge for rejected widows and abandoned wives and children. The Trust provides them with food, accommodation, education and dignity of holding a job. The women are trained in tailoring and other trades. They are given jobs and paid for their work. Their children are sent to school.

The preaching of the Word in the Divine Retreat Centre created a longing in the hearts of many people for a more detailed study of God’s Word, as interpreted by the Catholic Church. For this purpose we started a Bible College in January 4, 1998. In De paul School, children from the economically disadvantaged section of the society are provided a good standard of primary education that they may secure admission on merit in the schools around paving way for professionally and financially secure future. Divine Institute of Media Science (DiMS) Muringoor, is a media college run by Divine Charitable Trust under the aegis of the Divine Retreat Centre, established in the year 2013 to cater to the needs of media world. This institution is affiliated to the University of Calicut.

Divine - Goodness TV Channel is the media wing of Divine Retreat Centre to produce gospel programs and transmit them both in India and abroad. There was a time when the Church leadership in India was not able to Print and supply enough copies of the Bible according to the growing needs of the people. Rev. Fr. George Panackal , the then director of the Divine Retreat Centre took up this challenge with the Kerala Catholic Bishops Conference with the agreement that sufficient number of copies of the Bible will be printed and supplied in subsidized rate. A modern press was established, named Divine Printers and Publishers on May 1994. Today an average of 40,000 copies of the Bible are printed and distributed every month in 6 languages.