Vincentian House Lima

Established Year2013
PatronSt. Rose of Lima
Diocese Carabayllo
AddressParroquia Padre Damian De Molokai, Mz “C” Lote - 23, Sector Ensenada - Puente Piedra, Lima 22, Peru.
Phone0511 5510361


01. Fr. Chekkakuzhiyil Sebastian - Parish Ministry

02. Fr. Neerolickal Thomas - Superior & Finance officer V.H.



Discussions in the Provincial Synaxes of Marymatha Province on evangelization had to deal with the concrete proposal to send priests to South America more than once. Wide vistas are open for evangelization in Latin America where the number of priests is comparatively less to do pastoral work. In the 28th General Synaxis of the Congregation held in the wake of the Papal appeal for re-evangelization of the nations had strongly expressed its mind on sending priests to South American missions. General Administration of the Congregation decided to put such proposals into practice through the provinces. In the meantime Very Rev. Fr. James Chelapurth, the General Councilor for Social and Charitable Works and Mission corresponded with the Diocese of Carabayllo about it. Rev. Sr. Valeria, the sister of our late Provincial Rev. Fr. Alex Aikara, being a missionary in Lima introduced us to the Diocese of Carabayllo and thus the contact with the diocese began. Marymatha Province made a concrete proposal to the General Administration to send priests to the Diocese of Carabayllo and it was sanctioned.

Peru Vincentian Mission, which includes at present the large parish of Ensenada of the Diocese of Carabayllo in Lima, is entrusted to the Marymatha Province. Our Fathers started working in Lima on 1st January 2013 on the basis of an agreement signed between the Diocese of Carabayllo and the Marymatha Province. The parish has about 15 stations spread out in a large area and each station has its own chapel. Our priests are engaged in Evangelization, comprising of parish ministries, and other social and charitable activities.