Vincentian House Kalichanadukkam

Established Year1992
PatronSt. Antony
Diocese Thalassery
AddressVincentian House, Jyothi Nagar, Kalichanadukkam, 671 314, Via Nileshwar, Kasaragod Dt., Kerala, India.
Phone0467 2256156


01. Fr. Edasseril Joseph - Acting Superior, Rector & Finance Officer

02. Fr. Padinjarekuttu Augustine - Spiritual Director, Minor Seminary & In Charge of Prayer Service

03. Fr. Thottumarickal Jose - Member

04. Bro. Chilampattassery Francis - Regent



01. St. Antony’s Church (1995)

02. Vincentian Minor Seminary (2014)



Vincentian Ashram and Vincentian Minor Seminary in Kalichanadukkam are situated 15 km away from Nileshwar and 23km from Kanghagad in the district of Kasargod. During the first term of Rev. Fr. George Kammattil as Provincial Superior, about six acres of land was purchased in Kalichanadukkam in order to establish a Vincentian House. Rev. Fr. Antony Thekkinieth was appointed to execute the same. The land was registered in our name on October 29, 1992. After repairs and maintenance of the house that had already been in the plot, the Vincentian house was blessed solemnly and inaugurated by Mar Geroge Valiamattam, the Archbishop of Tellicherry in the presence of Rev. Fr. George Kammattil, the then Provincial Superior, on 20th November 1992. Since the inauguration of the house, Holy Qurbana had been celebrated in the small chapel everyday for the public. Our fathers were looking after the spiritual needs of the people around the Ashram and were helping out in the parishes of this area.

Considering the needs of the people of this area, the Provincial Council decided to start a parallel college in Kalichanadukkam. Rev. Fr. Paul Pambrayil was appointed the superior of the house and the principal of the college. With the untiring efforts of Fr. Paul Pambrayil, De Paul parallel college was unofficially started on15th June 1993. As the building for the college had not been completed we began the classes in a room behind a shop in the town. Later, on 14th August the college was officially blessed and inaugurated by Mar George Valiamattam, the Archbishop of Tellicherry. Under the leadership of Bro. Thomas Kunnel the construction of the chapel was completed and was blessed on 9th May 1995 by Mar Geoge Valiamattam. Degree courses were started on August 8, 1997 when Fr. James Manithara was the principal of the college. Though degree courses were started, the circumstances were not conducive to the development of the college. Due to lack of enough bus services to Kalichanadukkam, the attendance of the students was getting diminished. In order to overcome the situation, a bus service was started from the college, but that was also a failure. Finally we came to the point where we were not able to continue the college, which ended up in its closure in June 2005. Since then, we started conducting retreats and conventions in the ashram. One day convention has been conducted on every second Saturday of the month.

For the construction and maintenance works of the house in Meenangady, the novitiate had to be shifted to somewhere else. Authorities found Kalichanadukkam as the suitable place to shift the novitiate and the Novitiate was here for the period of May 2007 to February 2009. The college building was used as the novitiate. The General Synaxis of 2013 decided to send the seminarians for degree course before being admitted for philosophy course. With the intention to facilitate the degree course for the seminarians of Marymatha Province, the first year minor seminary has been shifted from Edathotty to Kalichanadukkam in June 2014. The old college building was renovated and converted into seminary. The seminary was blessed and inaugurated on 1st June 20014 by Very. Rev. Fr. Varghese Parappuram, the Superior General, in the presence of Very Rev. Fr. Paul Puthuva, the Provincial Superior of Marymatha Province.

Due to the poor attendance, the one day convention that has been going on here on every second Saturday is discontinued and it was decided to conduct three days of retreat once in two months on different topics for different groups. Besides, five days of retreat for sisters and three days of retreat for youth and children are conducted during holidays in April.