Vincentian House Freudenstadt

Established Year2008
PatronSt. Vincent De Paul
Diocese Rottenburg-Stuttgart
AddressHaus St.Vinzenz, Lindenstrasse 18, 72250 Freudenstadt, Germany.
Phone0049 74419125763
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01. Fr. Aykaramattam Emmanuel - Director & Finance Officer

02. Fr. Kalarickal Paul - Superior, Asst. Director & Parish Ministry

03. Fr. Kannaen Albert - Parish Ministry

04. Fr. Kizhakkevalayil Augustine - Parish Ministry

05. Fr. Kochukunnathumparambil Xavier - Parish Ministry



01. St. Vincent Retreat Centre (2008)



Freudenstadt is a town in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany and is the district headquarters. Very Rev. Fr. Markus Ziegler, the Forane Vicar of Freudenstadt city parish took the initiative to invite us to start a retreat centre in Freudenstadt. The retreat he attended in Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor inspired him to look into the possibility of having a retreat centre in Freudenstadt. The contacts he had with our priests in Muringoor gave him a green signal that the Province would be open to such an invitation. After his return to Germany, Marymatha province received an invitation from Bishop Gebhard Fürst, the bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart diocese, to start a retreat centre in his diocese.  The provincial council thought of exploring this possibility and responded positively to the request. As the first step the provincial council sought the opinion of our fathers working in Germany about this proposal. They had discussions with Very Rev. Fr. Markus Ziegler, the Forane Vicar of Freudenstadt city parish and reached the conclusion that it would be good to start a centre there. The need for fluent German speaking priests and money for their maintenance were the urgent issues that had to be dealt with.

According to the ordinance of the Superior General, priests having done 12 years of pastoral ministry abroad should be called back, Rev. Fr. Joseph Thottumarickal VC was making arrangements for his return. The Provincial administration thought of him as a well equipped person for the centre. At the same time the diocese was open to offer him the office of a parochial vicar in Freudenstadt that his maintenance could be done from his salary. As parochial vicar he can have the residence provided by the parish and can work in the parish and look into the feasibility of the centre using his free time.  With this understanding, Fr. Joseph Thottumarickal VC was sent to Frudenstadt. With the support of Fr. Markus Ziegler, the Forane vicar, Fr. Joseph started some initial ministries of our own in the parish Church and people started to come regularly. Besides, retreats of Fr. George Panackal, Fr. Augustine Vallooran, Fr. Mathew Naickomparambil, etc. were conducted there. The participation of the faithful in the initial programs and retreats helped building our confidence in establishing a retreat centre there. Knowing well of the several legal formalities involved in having our own facilities, we decided to start it in a rented building. Thus the retreat center and Vincentian House was officially inaugurated by Bishop Thomas Maria Renz, the Auxiliary Bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, on 10th November 2008 in the presence of then Provincial Rev. Fr. James Kallumkal VC.  Since then, regular retreats, adorations, prayer services with anointing the sick, evening prayer sessions are going on in our centre. Participants of retreats can book their accommodation in the hotels in Freudenstadt town.  Efforts to make our own facilities for the centre is not yet realized. When Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Aykkaramattam, who has been pursuing his studies in Innsbrueck, Austria, had completed his studies, he was appointed as the Assistant  Director of the Centre. All priests of the Marymatha Province doing pastoral work in the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart are members of this house.

Many attend the daily Mass and Eucharistic adoration and experience the love of God and deep inner peace. We conduct on every second Monday in the Sacred Heart church in the city of Stuttgart and last Saturday in the Lomburg church, Praise and Worship Program with Holy Mass and Adoration. Prayer services are being conducted on alternative Tuesdays in the Forane church Freudenstadt. We arrange Malayalam retreats for Rev. Sisters twice a year.