Vachanolsavam Potta

Established Year1985
PatronSt. Vincent De Paul
Diocese Irinjalakkuda
AddressVachanolsavam, Potta, 680 722, Chalakudy, Thrissur Dt., Kerala, India.
Phone0480 2708314
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01. Fr. Edattu Zacharias - Editor

02. Fr. Puthiyaparambil Jose - Manager



01. Vachanolsavam (1986) - Tel: 0091 9447696622



Vincentian House at Potta, under the Generalate is functioning as the office of Vachanolsavam and the residence of the priests working in Vachanolsavam. Potta Ashram was established in 1977 as the centre to coordinate the Popular Mission retreats. Members of the Popular Mission team began to reside there for prayer and preparation for the retreats. It helps the Popular Mission to flourish rapidly. The Popular Mission preachers felt the need to have a follow up program for the people who participated in the retreats in order to keep up the spirit and fervour which the faithful obtained from the retreats. This led to the beginning of the daily prayers and retreats at Potta Ashram in 1983. Soon people began to crowd to the Ashram seeking spiritual solace and liberation from the evils of alcohol and drug addiction. The sick and the broken-hearted came in large numbers. God’s compassionate love poured in. The loving presence of Jesus was powerfully felt by everyone. The sick were healed, the sinners were forgiven, the fetters of vices were broken and the Good News of salvation was preached to all. There was a time when 20000 to 25000 people used to come on Saturdays for the One-Day retreat.

From 1985 a bi-monthly publication also known by the name ‘Popular Mission’ was started. The purpose of this publication was to keep alive the spiritual renovation that was created as a result of the activities of the Popular Mission Centre. The articles and news contained in the magazine would awaken the spirituality of the people and would help it to grow. In the beginning there were only 1000 copies. As the participants of the prayer meetings increased, the copies also increased tenfold in circulation. Thousands became tens of thousands and gradually lakhs. Its name was changed and so were the contents and style of presentation and format. News and witnessing received wide coverage. These changes helped to attract the attention of readers. Some technical reasons prompted a name change. The name finally accepted was ‘Vachanolsavam’.

Today Vachanolsavam is published in eight languages: Malayalam, English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi. All together, there are 5.4 lakhs copies. Today people all over the world show a keen interest in reading this magazine. Fr. Michael Panachickal, was the first chief editor and Fr. George Panackal was the circulation manager. The innovations and enthusiasm of these two great priests have done a lot for the wide acceptance of this magazine. In the beginning Fr. Panackal used to carry bundles of the magazine to different churches. With the permission of the Vicar, he exhibited these magazines to the congregation to popularize them.